Hischier vs. Patrick: Crack Comparison

This post is exactly what the title implies: a crack comparison between the two potential #1 overall picks in the 2017 NHL Entry-Level Draft. So there’s no point totals, no penalty minutes, no advanced (or basic) hockey or analytical stats. You’ve come to the wrong place if those are what you’re looking for but there are draft profiles here and here, and an actual comparison here if you are interested in those stats. (This is just for fun! It’s a break from all the serious content.)

Name: Nolan Patrick, Nico Hischier. Nico’s name is more fun to say although I feel like it should be pronounced Hischyay (Hischyeh?) and not Hisch-ur but none of that matters because Nolan has two first names and that’s worse.

Social media followers (as of last night):
Nico’s Twitter (@nicohischier): 2,551 followers, 79 following, 68 tweets
Nolan’s Twitter (@nolan_patrick19): 2,873 followers, 134 following, 368 tweets
Nico’s Instagram (@nicohischier): 6,293 followers, 529 following, 34 posts
Nolan’s Instagram (@npatrick19): 13.2k followers, 234 following, 9 posts

Who accepted my Instagram follow request? Nolan did, Nico didn’t. Nolan accepted my request but later switched to a public profile but Nico never accepted (and is still on private) so Nolan has the edge here.

Social media content: Nolan is more active on both forms of social media but I can’t make an Instagram comparison (because I have no idea what Nico’s posts are and he’s private for a reason). Nolan’s Twitter header has already been changed to the picture of him and the other prospects (Hischier, Casey Mittelstadt, and Gabriel Vilardi) meeting Paul Coffey, Wayne Gretzky, and NHL Commish Gary Bettman. They recently just followed each other on both Twitter and Instagram. Also, Nico has the same handle on both platforms (smart) but Nolan doesn’t so that’s unfortunate.


Taste in music: both Nico and Nolan have said that they listen to pretty much all types of music, except for country music so I’m okay with both of them. Nolan actually said, and I quote, “I hate country music” so #same. However, Nolan also unironically went to a One Direction concert with some fellow prospects so I think he holds a very slight edge here too.

Taste in food: Nolan doesn’t like pizza or chocolate so Nico automatically wins this category by default. Also, Swiss chocolate is a good thing.

Sense of humor: Nico was asked by a Devils scout if he would throw a catfish on the ice in Nashville (Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals) if it meant that the Devils would draft him first overall. At the end of the interview, he asked where he could buy a catfish. Nico wins this category solely for that story even if he didn’t throw a catfish.

Tattoos: they both have tattoos in similar spots. Nico supposedly has his family’s zodiac signs tattooed (this is really cute) while Nolan has a bunch. He has some wheat (that a lot of people originally thought were flowers) for his Wheat Kings teammates (ha ha), a ship,  among others that I can’t remember.

Who looks better in red and black? We already know how Nico looks in Devils colors because he’s represented his native country of Switzerland his entire life. We don’t know about Nolan, on the other hand. So if they both look good in red and black, we’ll steal Philly’s second overall pick somehow and draft them both. This is a foolproof plan, trust me.


The only Scouting Combine content I care about is that Nolan supposedly threw up his breakfast after the Wingate test and honestly, I would too.


Oh wait, they both look good in red and black. I quit. Can we pick both?

Better Hair: this one’s close so you decide. Nolan has said he has the best hair in the WHL but 10/10 would run my hands through both.


Eyebrows: Nico. Come on.

Devils connections: Nolan played with current Devils’ center John Quenneville during the 2015-16 season so he has the edge here.

Jersey number: Nolan wears #19, the same number Travis Zajac currently wears, while Nico wears #13, the number Michael Cammalleri currently wears. Both would have to choose new numbers if they get drafted by New Jersey unless either one of those players is no longer with the Devils (hint, hint). Nico wears #13 because of former Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk, his favorite player growing up. #13 would be fitting for a team named the “Devils”, no?

Taste in sports: Nico is Swiss so he probably likes Roger Federer and I like Roger Federer and you can’t not like Roger Federer (take a shot every time I say Roger Federer) so he’s good in my book. On the other hand, Nolan’s been seen wearing a Red Sox cap and my Yankees fan heart can’t accept that. The hat has got to go.

I don’t really know where I was going with this. But anyway, both Nico and Nolan are good kids and good hockey players. The Devils will pick one and unfortunately, the Flyers will pick the other. I will never, ever in my life root for a Philadelphia team but I will root for whoever they draft.

Hope this was a fun one! Back to my regularly-scheduled boring draft content now.


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